Q: Does the name on the application have to match the name on the  utility bill?

 A: Applicant’s name does not need to be on the bill, anyone in the household over the age of 18 can apply.


Q: How often can I apply?

 A: Your household can apply once per program year


Q: If I rent a room from someone do I need to include their income?

 A: Yes, utilities are shared. It is mandatory that we include all income/or have a statement of hardship (non income) from all adults living in the home?


Q: Why do I need to provide both bills if you can only assist me with one account?

A: We need both bills for State required reporting.


Q: What does the credit cover on my bill?

A: The credit will cover your electric or gas charges only, any water, sewer or trash charges are your responsibility?


Q: How long is the application process?

A: Although we can process your application rather quickly payments are issued from the State of California. It could take 60-90 days before you will see an actual credit on your bill.


Q: How long does the Weatherization process?

AAppointments are scheduled upon availability and the entire process can take 120–180 days.


Q: Why am I still receiving a disconnect notice from the utility company if you’ve already called in a pledge for me?

A: Payments are issued by the State of California and can take up to 90 days before the utility company receives payment. If a pledge is called into the utility company, it will be noted on your account; however our call/pledge will not stop any mailed correspondences from the utility company.  It is still your responsibility to contact the utility company directly if you have concerns about your account status.