Community Advocacy & Family Services 

We fund great nonprofits in Long Beach

We believe that relationship-building and strong collaboration are key to the success of any vibrant community. Through our Community Advocacy and Family Services Department, Long Beach Community Action Partnership (LBCAP) subcontracts a portion of funds to local Long Beach non-profits to enhance and expand existing strengths, assets and resources.

By investing in innovative programs and strong program delivery models, we influence the culture of service provision. We also support low-income individuals and families as they break the cycle that perpetuates poverty, helping them achieve self-sustainability.

Community Services Block Grant

The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) provides funds to alleviate the causes and conditions of poverty. As a Community Action agency, LBCAP receives these funds each year, and re-grants them to other organizations in Long Beach that serve low-income individuals and vulnerable populations, including:
•    Families with children under five
•    People with mental health issues
•    People experiencing homelessness
•    Seniors
•    Victims of domestic violence

Programs we fund through the CSBG must provide services and activities addressing budgeting, education, emergency services, employment, health, housing, job training, and/or nutrition. They must focus on helping people achieve increased self-sustainability, improved living conditions, ownership and pride in the community, and strong family and support systems.

As LBCAP cannot be all things to all people, we use these funds to support the work of other local agencies that populations we don’t directly serve.

How to apply

We receive and release CSBG funds once per year. The amount of the re-grants depends on the funding we receive, which can fluctuate year-to-year. Interested agencies should check for Bid Opportunities in the Announcements/News Section to review current requests for proposals (RFPs).